A Life Without The Internet

A Life Without The Internet | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

Believe it or not. Majority of my days are spent living with no internet and it has been more than a year already and still counting that I am living with this kind of life. How is this possible? For starters, I don't have an internet connection at home. It's not because my family and I can't afford it but because the internet provider couldn't provide any in our place. Yes, this is the reason why it took me more than a year to get back to blogging but as what I've said earlier, I still don't have the internet connection to pursue this passion at home so I am doing this outside my comfort zone.

It was difficult to live a life without it especially for me, when majority of my work was spent using it like blogging, doing research and school related stuff, entertaining myself, and socializing. Back then, my only source of internet is when I go to a friend's house, at a public place, and at school. Now, I couldn't be bothered if there's internet or not in a public place. Although, I try to connect when I'm at a friend's house just to update my apps and post a selfie or two or maybe more just to say that I'm still alive and cute. Haha! There were days that my mom and I will try to register internet promos but it would last a day or two and sometimes it would just go to waste because who would have the time to spend a day or two just looking at their screens and be consumed by it?

During those times when we registered an internet promo, I'd feel guilty every time I'd spend a long time catching up and gave myself the excuse 'give yourself time on the internet because you've been deprived from it'. It works for me in some ways but I'd feel so bad at the end because it was totally a waste of my time. Why would I catch up on what's happening with other people's lives when they wouldn't even give a damn what's happening on my life? Missing out a lot was a fear but as time passed by, I wouldn't even care. 

A Life Without The Internet | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

Disconnect to connect

Living  a life with no internet connection is liberating. It changes how you look at life and it links to a life of minimalism, which you focus on what matters. If I have a chance to connect, I focus on one thing at a time. If it's Facebook, it would only be Facebook. If it's Youtube, it's only Youtube. I'd list down mentally the things I'd be doing if I'm plugged to the internet. I unsubscribed to a lot of people on Youtube a year or two ago and remained those who will contribute valuable insights in to my life and it helps greatly for my self-growth and evaluation. In a way, it makes the whole activity fun,  productive and fruitful.

There would be outings and spontaneous dates with friends and I wouldn't even care to take out my phone because I'd rather live in the moment than be disconnected from them unless if it's time for picture taking. That's one thing I learned from a life with no internet. You get to socialize more and be connected with the people around you and it makes the whole moment wonderful and worth cherishing. 


When I started this kind of life, I became more aware of the things I'd post on social media if ever I'll have a date with the internet. When I'm out, I'd only take pictures that are worthy than take pictures just for the sake of it like how I used to take pictures with no sense just to update my IG stories or snaps. I know some of you would now evaluate whether you do take snaps or stories with the just because mindset. In fact, the last story I posted on Facebook was last April and I was showing the progress I had with my fitness journey.

Every time I'd post something on my social media accounts, I ask myself 'Is this worthy of my time, of my freedom to post this for the whole world to see?' If it's not, don't even bother. 

I am less distracted now compared before. When I talk to people, I look at them eye to eye than facing my phone. When people talk, I'd do the same and be all ears on what they're saying. However, I have this talent if I'm not in the mood or uninterested to listen, I wouldn't even hear what you're saying. 

More me-time

It was such a crazy roller coaster ride living without it because I was able to concentrate on things I've been wanting to do for a long time already. I got more time for reading last year and I was able to finish my reading challenge for only six months if I'm not wrong. Then, just this summer I decided to do something huge and it was to focus on my fitness journey. Along with my minimalism journey through decluttering stuff, I was able to evaluate the clothes I had and even though I can replace them with my former size (I was a bit chubby before), I rejected the idea. I didn't want to spend on clothes just because I got bigger and I always had a constant battle with myself every time I feel insecure, fat, and heavy. So the clothes I still wanted to keep and wear were one of my motivators to exercise. 

I lost three kilograms in less than a month. How did I do it? I exercise, eat nutritious food, and ditch the food that  won't do me any good physically and mentally. I still eat fast food but not in a regular basis and it would be a once in a blue moon thing so I won't deprive myself. Do I still look for junk? Hmm, not anymore. 

My snacks at home and at work are healthier than ever before. I usually give time for making my snacks and if I don't have the time, raw vegetables are the way to go. As of the moment, I lost another two kilograms.

As a summary, I did a lot of self-discovery, improvement and growth!

A Life Without The Internet | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra


Along with this drastic yet wonderful change in my life, minimalism came. It helped me realize a lot. 
  • Now that I'm already working and my family and I are moving to a new place for the nth time, we think that there'd be a possibility that there would be an internet connection and there are times I think that I really don't need it. However, I may consider applying for one for my Mom and myself, of course, and balancing my life with it again could be pretty challenging. But I also don't like having it anyway so there would less bills to pay. 
  • You'd discover who your true friends are when you take a time off from the internet especially if it's a long one. You'll see who will be looking for you and you'll highly appreciate them. I have an online friend who I just met on Tumblr four years ago and we stopped communicating when I was already in college. One day, my friends and I planned to meet after work at a friend's house. I really didn't want to open my Twitter account since I haven't been using it for how many months already but I opened it just to see what's on trend and half hoping there would be notifications and DMs and yeah, there was one. From him, from this friend. He was looking for me, wondering why I'm no longer active on social media and he misses me. Awwwwe. I immediately told him to add me on FB and we did a lot of catching up.
  •  I missed a lot online. I wasn't updated with the latest trends and news but I was more updated with myself, with my surroundings and the people around me. I have plenty of time on my plate.
  • Being busy on the internet or in the offline world doesn't equate to being productive. Are you really being productive or simply wasting gold?
  • This isn't an easy journey. There were days and nights I'd cry because I've been missing out a lot. There was this constant battle that it's okay to spend a day just surfing the net because the internet promo would last a day only. There were ups and downs but all worth it. It changed me for the better.
Have you experienced disconnecting from the internet for a long time? Some people do social media cleanse, have you tried it? How was it?


  1. As far as I can understand it made you more aware of your surrounding and that's one of the most natural trait a person can have. Technological advancement really did provide the convenience we all need but as it grow inside a person it gave the distance to associate personally. I am glad that by this disconnection of yours you really managed to connect more into better things, experiencing me-time moments and at the same time meeting up with friends personally. As for me, even though I have internet connection at home I still drop my phone and laptop and meet up with my friends. I experienced genuine feeling of happiness and that's way damn better laughing at memes on the internet. Haha! Anyways I find myself more by interacting not by browsing and that's the most wonderful thing a person can have, experiencing life personally not in the pixelated screen most have been attracted to. So happy to share my opinion on your content. Thank you for this blog post. I still have my unwavering excitement for your next update! Keep it up please! :')

  2. Oh wow, I can’t imagine what it would be like living without the internet at home! I suppose some people are very into watching TV and can’t imagine life without a TV. I could take it or leave it and if I didn’t have one then I don’t think I would go out and buy one for my home because it really doesn’t add much value to my life and I don’t use it very often. But I don’t know how I would cope without the internet! But it’s funny because you’re right, so much of the time we spend online is wasted! Some if it is valuable communication, and some if it is valuable education, or valuable relaxation time, but if you really tried to break it down, a huge amount of it is just wasting time, and if I didn’t have the internet at home (which is generally how I relax most nights) then I would have so much free time, I don’t even know what I would do with it all, haha.

    Congrats on living without home internet for a year! Although as you said there have been hard times and it wasn’t necessarily by choice to begin with, that’s wonderful that you’ve adjusted and made the best of the situation and have accomplished so many things that you may not have done otherwise.


  3. Not everyone can be more aware of their surroundings. Some turn a blind eye just to avoid complications in life. A life without the internet helped a lot for me to grow and have a simple life. I never thought that I could survive a month without it but it has already been more than 12 months and obviously, I am more alive than before.

    Thank you for the support, Vill! :)

  4. As a blogger and student, I also had that mindset that I really couldn't live without internet. I also watch movies, TV series or any kind of videos online because I don't like storing those kind of stuff in my laptop but moving where my family and I are currently living, I didn't have a choice but to adjust. Even though we may register to an internet promo using our local networks but the internet speed couldn't suffice the need to blog, watch movies and other stuff. It was even a struggle to just check my Facebook without complaining how slow the internet is. With that being said, it's obvious that my country's internet is something we, Filipinos, are so ashamed of. Since I don't want to get frustrated, stressed or be mad how unfair it is, I stopped looking for it. Joshua of The Minimalists doesn't have an internet connection at home but he schedules his internet time maybe once a week and before that sched, he'd keep a list of the things he'd be searching. He'd go to a local cafe or a public library and do some internet related stuff. I could've done that since last year so I could've continued this blog and let it grow but it was also my choice not to.

    Now that I am already working, I'm trying to squeeze a little online life through blogging, dropping comments on other blogs, reading online stuff and other things as much as I can from an 8-hour work time and by the time I get home, I'll catch up with my family, watch TV series offline, and exercise or perhaps read a few pages of my current read.

    It's a case-to-case basis. I don't do much on the internet aside from scrolling up and down in every social media platform I used to have and still have. I'm fond of watching YT videos, movies, and TV series. And those are only the activities that made me want to have an internet connection. And oh yeah, also blogging and communication. Since I don't have any, I find alternatives like a friend would download those series for me. So you might say that I could somehow live without it for a long time but not forever. Haha!

  5. I'm not a TV person since I was in 4th grade. My grandma even bought a TV for me and put it in my room but it was totally a waste of her money because I wasn't able to use it that much. I'd only use it if there's a documentary or something but majority of my time since then wasn't and still isn't facing the TV. Although, I keep myself updated with TV series, movies, and videos through my laptop and that's it. I picture myself having a house without a TV. There was one time I used my mom's TV when I was second year in college which was two years ago just to watch a comedy series from the 1960s and YT videos. Overall, I still consider myself not a TV person and people are always shocked to know that.

    When we were moving to where we're staying at the moment, I couldn't imagine myself living without it especially what you've said, it wasn't a choice to begin with and it was so difficult to cope. However, after months for an adjustment period, I can live with or without it. But to say that I can totally live without it for the rest of my life is such a lie. I still need it. We all need it. It is sort of a necessity for survival, communication, and civilization. Haha!

    Thank you! It was difficult and challenging at the same time but all worth it. Thank you so much for stopping by, Jessica. Have a nice week! <3

  6. excuse me for sounding like a corrupt millennial but like jessica, i can't imagine a life without internet. even if no internet means taking a break from social media and dramas, i still need it for the sake of watching films. i don't watch tv or local channels so netflix and online films/series/etc are definitely more me. not to mention i'm a gamer so i kinda need to be online often heh. it's good that you are able to live such minimalist life though since not a lot of people can hold on for that long. also, in my defense, i have a day job and i work til like 8-9 pm so when i get home, i try to catch up with the things i like - e.g films, games, etc. ideally speaking, it'd be nice to be home from work, take a bath and then go to bed but i'm trying to, well, balance my passion i guess you could say. so i always try to find time to be online just for my movies and games.

  7. You are such an inspiration, Ra! I guess I'm one of those who couldn't live without the internet. I am too dependent on it. Especially now, because I'm very far from my friends, family, and boyfriend. I can only communicate with them over the internet. I have tried disconnecting from the internet, but that's for a day or a few days only. Although, I do social media cleanse too! Honestly, social media cleansing is the best decision ever. There are too many toxic posts and happenings online that I want to disconnect from it.

  8. Thank you!!!! ^_^ It's a case-to-case basis. As for my case, I was single when we arrived to where we're living and I still am so communication wasn't much of a problem. My phone was somehow useless. When I want to contact my relatives via Messenger, there's the registered promo or I'll just go with the free mobile data. So it was difficult just relying on that kind of basis for internet but I survived.

    I think I'll consider having an internet connection once we moved to the new place. I hope there's an internet connection, though. I think I'll get one especially I am currently talking to friends who are kilometers away from me. Hahaha! I'm also thinking of my mom. She badly needs one considering she's in a long distance relationship.

    I left Twitter because of how toxic it is. Everything is a big of a deal there. I have to unfollow and mute some of the people there. I only visit Twitter when I want to compared before that my finger automatically clicks the app.

  9. Hi Ra! Better comment late than never? Haha. Since Jan, I unfollowed a bunch of people on ALL my social media platforms. My golden rule was to only follow people that contribute something to my life, be it inspiration, knowledge, life hack.. Anything that helps me become a better person. I even did a shortcut where I typed "shop" or "ph" and everything with that handle, I mass unfollowed. Up to now, I still unfollow from time to time. Talagang gusto ko intentional. If I'm gonna "waste" my time online, it might as well be helpful on my end kasi kahit papano naiinspire ako sa nakikita ko. So I really filtered everything, so even on my downtime may sense ang nakikita ko.

    Now my browsing time is cut much, MUCH shorter. I'm actually thinking of writing a blog post on my minimalism journey, but right now it's a 70% no, since only a handful of people know my new URL, eh I don't think it makes sense in the long run. LOL. Anyway, doing a social media declutter made me realize I could actually live without A LOT of things. Nagulat ako na ang dami ko namiss out, but in a good way. Dito pumapasok ung kasabihang "Ignorance is bliss". Ang saya sa feeling na I dont need to pressure myself to buy this and that just because I saw them online. I may not know the trends nowadays but they dont really affect my life, so okay lang. Kebs. Plus, I personally think its exhausting for some. Once or twice I checked who my friends follow and I was shocked na they follow a bunch of influencers na kahit ako, di ko kilala. No wonder theyre so pressured with a lot of things. They saturate their feed with unnecessary content.


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