Change of Path

I walked slowly from home to the bus stop this morning while thanking the Universe for not making it rain for the time being. Halfway down the path, I looked at my watch and walked a bit faster. I stopped, checked my right and left, and crossed the road and goody, there's a bus arriving. "Thank you for this bus", whispered to the Universe. Also grateful for the seat available and I didn't have to stand since the ride.

As I sat here in my corner of the office while drinking a bottle of hot brewed barako, no sugar and no cream, I am currently experiencing a slight pain on the back of my right shoulder. Then I thought that the backpack with me is the reason why. I carry less than the usual since my minimalist journey but I might say that my bag is heavy due to the food I carry with me for work.

Before I'd bring my own rice and water bottle with me but a lot has changed, even the food being offered at the canteen, so I decided to bring my own lunch and snacks. Although, this would be the first time that I felt my lunch is heavy when in fact, my lunch bag is only composed of food in a 3-layer stainless steel tiffin and my coffee inside a glass bottle.

There are days when I want to give up bringing my lunch so I could carry lesser stuff with me but thinking of the food I'm going to eat by lunch time in the canteen would just be a waste of time and money. It isn't worth my freedom.

On the bright side of opening my lunch bag, getting my tiffin to open it, and putting the home cooked meals on my stainless tray provided in the canteen is such a pleasant view to look at. I can see the efforts my mom made for my delicious lunch and snacks for the afternoon. I can see the efforts I did for the hard-earned money to not go to waste. I can feel that Mother Earth is pleased. I was able to refuse single use plastics but I'd be disappointed with other workmates putting their rice inside a single use transparent plastic. *sigh*

Still, I can't change or persuade someone to stop using them because convenience is what matters most for them but for me, I'd rather sacrifice my convenience for the meantime for the sake of the planet and my health. However, there's a tiny light inside me hoping that someone would change through my actions. Or perhaps, I could gift them a reusable container?

Bringing my own lunch packed in reusable container is so worth it. Worth every effort I do for myself and the planet. Pursuing a zero waste lifestyle was a huge change of path. There are slip ups and challenges along the way but every victory experienced for a zero waste experience results to an indescribable satisfaction.

Are you a zero waster or do you make ways to lessen your waste? Do you bring your own food at work? 


  1. Hahaha always pursue satisfaction. It's worth every bit of something! I support your way of life and hoping that you can shoo out the bad habit of others. :)

  2. Thank you! It's inconvenient at times but I'd rather go inconvenient than eat something that wouldn't satisfy me. Haha! Hope so but we all know that bad habits die hard. ;)

  3. Bravo once again! Love the part about sacrificing your convenience for the sake of mother nature. Good job! Hope you influence the people around you and all the readers of your blog living for the sake of our environment. Keep up living healthy both mind and body. :)

  4. You just can't shoo away their habits. It's their life. It's their decision whether to change or not. There'd be a major cause that may change them just as much as I, being aware of the harmful impact of my harmful habits could be to me, to others and our planet.

  5. Me too! Although, I'm not a zero waster yet but at least, I am trying my best to lessen my trash. One reason why I want to work abroad and live there is because how it's so possible to achieve any lifestyle. I joined a Facebook group of zero wasters and they share how they live with minimal waste to achieve such lifestyle. Sometimes it's difficult. Sometimes it's easy. However, it's a struggle especially there are provinces here in the PH that don't have bulk stores and majority of the things we buy are covered in plastic.

    Even though it's kinda heavy and inconvenient bringing my own lunch from home to work but at least, I get to appreciate more of the food I have instead of looking at my workmates who are dissatisfied with the food they're eating. Haha!

    Awwe. Thank you, Ate Karen! <3 I think of the long term effects. That's why I'm starting to be healthy and besides, I wasn't much of a fan of eating junks and fast when I was a kid. Hehe :)

  6. I try to lessen my waste as much as I can. One thing I like about Sweden is they recycle almost everything. I learned now how to separate my trash accordingly. I am happy to say that I have lessened my trashes, and everything else goes to the recycling station. I know I cannot have a zero-waste lifestyle yet, but I try to buy products that are eco-friendly as well. It's the least that I can do. :)

    I cannot cook well, so I often buy my lunch. Although I am trying to bring my food every day as it helps me save money, and I can control my waste too.

    Pursuing a zero-waste lifestyle is indeed a huge change of path. I'm glad you are also trying to have a healthier lifestyle, and you're inspiring people too.


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