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If you've been an avid reader of my previous blogs, you know well how much I love reading. May it be books, newspapers, or anything so long as it's readable. I like reading the news and it has already become a habit that I have to read the latest articles from Google News here in the office or even it's not the latest. If I'm interested, then, the reading begins. 

It's not only the reading that I adore but also sharing what I've read and discovered and discussed it with someone. I'd be so lucky to have someone who I can constantly share these eye-opening and some awfully boring reads and talked about it. 

As an INTJ, I love having deep conversations and this is my way to start one. While reading one this morning, it hit me that I have to make a weekly series of all the news, blog posts, and articles that I'd love to share with you and hope you'll like it, too, and maybe talk to me about it. It's also one way to have a healthy and meaningful interaction. 

So I introduce you my first weekly blog series, *drum rolls*, 'Clickies'! Yay!

Plastic straws aren't only the problem

Months ago, I joined Zero Waste groups in Facebook and it's a very helpful tool to be more inspired to live consciously and be more aware of the habits we do especially in the use of plastics. However, they mostly focus on banning plastic straws and we should use reusable metal/glass straws, instead. They mean well, though.

Anyway ... 

When Starbucks announced that they won't be using their iconic green plastic straws , I was happy that finally, they're making a move to eliminate the use of single use plastic straws but when I watched the video on what they'll be replacing it with, I was so down and disappointed. They'll replace it with a plastic lid. What's the point? It's still plastic. So if you're concerned with the environment and the impact it has for us, please take time to say to the barista to have it in a reusable cup and you'd enjoy it inside the cafe rather than taking it out but if you have plans for a take out, bring your tumbler. You'll even earn a discount so it's a win-win situation. 

So I hope with the first link, it will help you be more aware of other things that can harm not only the environment but also us and other animals. Balloons were also mentioned and I want you to know something about me. I hate balloons. I don't like them. I don't want to be surprised with balloons. I had a classmate in college that she badly wanted to be surprised with a room filled with balloons and I was such a bitch for telling her that for me, it was so lame. You wanted to be surprised and gifted with plastics and air. Now that I am aware that this harms a lot of our living animals, they'd digest it and turn into microplastics and these microplastics will be consumed by us, people, so I'd rather be a bitch than be an angel for saying, 'Awwwwe. What a cute surprise!' Sorry not sorry!

However, with all the ways we do that will help our planet, the disabled community suffers but I don't want to discuss about it yet because I still need to read a lot about it why some won't use reusable straws and they opt for the plastic ones but if you have any idea, please enlighten me.

Whatever bloats your boat

Being bloated is such an uncomfortable feeling. It's a nightmare especially if I'm wearing something sexy and nice for the day but can't rock it because of a bloated stomach so I just found this one this morning and I hope this helps. One way that I lessen bloating is to exercise. Lately, I've been drinking a lot of ginger tea for my throat and cough and wow, never knew it has other magic tricks. How about you? What do you do?

I was on my way to work this morning and the bus had a TV. It was my first time in forever to watch the news on TV and it announced that a feminist diva died. Her name is Aretha Franklin. I never knew of her but luckily, I've heard some of her music through the radio in the past. I just never knew that she was the singer behind those songs. May she rest in peace and may her songs and words inspire more people out there just as much as some of her words touched me. 

One I love the most which I'd consider the best from the post is this quote:
I don’t think women need to do anything other than what they’re doing right now, and that’s moving forward. Moving to the forefront. Moving into the executive offices. Moving into the areas that men have held captive. We’re coming.

What quote did you like?

So that's it for now for this series. I have a lot but this will be a long one and it might bore you. Haha! I hope you liked it and this would start a discussion. Do you have any links (aside from your blog *winks*) that I'd surely be interested in reading? Please drop it on the comment section below. Thank you!


  1. Your blog post are starting to get more interesting! Different discussion but it became as a whole topic at the end of it. Keep it up!😊

  2. I don't know of that Franklin girl either but I like her quote best! We always have to move forward. :)


  3. This also reminds me of my Psychology teacher that if we're heartbroken, we shouldn't be moving on but move forward. Haha! :D


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