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Clickies 02 | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

So far, I am quite enjoying sharing links here on my blog that sparked my interest and I hope whoever you are find these links interesting just as much as I enjoyed looking for something worth my time to read. 

When I went back to blogging, I felt that I already have a short span of attention and concentration. I blame myself for not reading books that much anymore. I couldn't even finish a novel within a month. As a bibliophile, it's such a shame to neglect my love for books for a long time and find it a struggle to even find time to read and instead of reading, I opt for watching TV series or movies. I try my best to get back on track, though. 

Losing my interest in reading books caused to lose my interest or the patience to read long blog posts, news, or whatever it is unless my brain finds it fascinating. Sometimes I'd even ask myself, "Is blogging dying?" To overcome this problem, I form a habit of reading the news, do some blog hopping, and read a few pages of an ebook every morning when I arrive here in the office or when I have the luxury to do it.

Anyway, here are the links that I've read throughout the week or previous weeks which made me took down notes on my planner to help me in some way especially with all the adulting stuff going on in my life.

A Less-Is-More Guide To Finance

When I focused on the journey of being a minimalist, I discovered Matt D'Avella on Youtube. I found his videos interestingly funny and made sense and as a fellow minimalist, I only subscribe to channels that would contribute value to my life so clicking that subscribe button on his channel was worth the click. 

I've always been aware of holding my money and how to budget it but there are days that I couldn't control myself. Sort of #YOLO and being a one day millionaire. It's not bad to spoil ourselves once in a while but sometimes, we get carried away and oops, we'd realize we're already broke and live our lives from paycheck to paycheck. Thanks to Matt's pieces of advice for helping me get back on track on how I look at money. 

Wealth means having enough. It means financial stability and the freedom to take the kind of risks in life that lead toward real happiness. When you're trapped in debt, it's hard to improve your circumstances and therefore impossible to pay attention to what matters most. 
I don't have any debt yet and I don't want to have it in the near future unless I'm investing on something big like a house and lot which is totally worth it so I hope Matt will help you financially through his minimalist outlook towards money.  

How do you budget/save your money?

Go Broke or Go Ugly?

This is so ironic on the point above but as I said, spoiling ourselves ain't bad. It only gets bad when we get carried away. One way of relaxation that I do in a weekly basis is getting my nails done. I feel the girl boss inside me when my nails are in their square shaped form and painted by the color according to my mood. The only secret to able save money while maintaining  my nails is to find a very affordable price for a mani pedi session and don't forget to always have the reliable manicurist that won't murder your nails. I had an experience last January that made me undergo an operation because a manicurist killed my toe nail. It was such a nightmare. I let the doctor remove the whole nail so I could move forward with my life. Fortunately, I found a trusted manicurist for my graduation that take good care of the removed nail and waited for it to grow. Once you have experienced removing your toe nail, it doesn't grow back to its original form but luckily, my manicurist is such an angel for taking care and maintaining it. From that day on until now, I haven't changed my manicurist and trusted her with my bad boys. 

I also maintain my pixie cut in a 3-week duration. The price for my haircut is pricier compared before because I changed salons. It also becomes pricier because I give tips for the satisfaction I receive for every haircut. I could go for cheap salons but I won't be satisfied with my haircut especially that pixie cuts are a bit tricky. I have trust issues with my hair despite its short length. The shorter the haircut, the more I have trust issues whether this hair cutter would make me beautiful or handsome. I don't want to look like a boy. Haha! So for me, even if it's pricey, it's all worth it.

What are your means of relaxation?

On another note, I had a long weekend and spent it by being a couch potato. I also blame my period for that. Although, I badly wanted to be productive and exercise since I can do it despite having a period. Thanks to my menstrual cup! But I spent it by re-watching Once Upon A Time and making my reusable cotton pads. In that way, I was able to save money from buying reusable cotton pads and I'm excited to use them. Doing crafts by myself was also another discovery that I want to thank myself for making conscious decisions in life. How's your week so far?

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  1. I hope so. Maybe after watching the series, I'd be back on reading. Let's see about that. Well, you have books to read and you're still on your vacation so give time to reading. You have plenty of time. I still have to sew three but at least, I already have my reusable cotton pads and will just put it in the laundry, hang and dry and ready to use. Haha. Merci! :)

  2. It's great that you're enjoying watching TV Series but I hope that you'll be back in the game with your reading habit. :) I also for myself want to pursue being a bookworm, I enjoy letting those complicated words in my head haha! Also a remarkable job crafting your own reusable cotton pads, as I've known it took a lot of your time sewing it. Still a great way to save up and a stepping stone being a minimalist. Bon Travail! :)

  3. Good for you haha! I hope you discover other minimalist related things! :)

  4. That's easy but the challenging part is to find what would really help me. :)


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