It's Okay To Skip Exercise

It's Okay To Skip Exercise | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

I always have this struggle to love my body and the image I see every time I look at the mirror. People would say 'You're not that fat', 'You're already beautiful', and other positive things but deep down when my demons don't cooperate with me, it's too much to take. 

There are days that I am well aware of how beautiful I can be inside and out. I thank the genes that runs in the family but there are also days that shit just happens. Despite how beautiful someone can be, it's hypocrite thing to say that we don't have insecurities once in a while. It's also difficult when the body I have doesn't give me the boost. 

Ages ago, I'd exercise for the sake of aesthetics but as my maturity widens, I thought more of the long term benefits that I am going to reap. I don't only think of the physical changes that will occur but also the good changes that will happen inside me like for my mental health. Through that I was able to lose three kilograms in less than a month and next, another two kilograms. Some of you have witnessed my body changes and the struggles I dealt when I was still active in blogging more than a year ago, you could really say I've improved for the better. 

Throughout this journey, I have plenty of fail attempts to just do it and of course, as  a lazy couch potato, I'd say 'it's fine' as an excuse. I deserve rest which is true. Haha!

Take a break, baby.

I usually exercise for at least thrice a week and it's up to me to go the distance but I treat myself a much needed break. If I've already know that I gave myself the regular exercise it needed, then, I'm good. 

"I've had a very long, hard day." - Chandler Bing of Friends 

It's Okay To Skip Exercise | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

Yesterday, I had plans to exercise my lower body and stomach but the weather didn't cooperate by the time I went out the office. It was raining cats and dogs and by the time I was already walking home, I was soaking wet and the bad news was I had to continue walking despite the flood so my shoes were all wet. I felt so dirty and grossed with the splashy sound my feet were making while I walked wearing my wet black leather Converse sneakers. Urgh. I already had a bad time before I arrived the office yesterday because of a friend and the time in the office felt like years so I was really in a Chandler Bing mood above. 

When I arrived home, I took a long shower and pampered myself. I binge-watched 'Once Upon A Time' season five and told my mom that I have plans to travel somewhere next weekend. Yeah, sometimes this Asian culture of asking permission from our parents if we have plans on going out even though we're already adults earning money sucks big time. 

So I skipped exercising and just had my simple self-care agenda. I still have two days left to complete my regular exercise routine so that's fine. Exercising is also a form of a bond with ourselves but it doesn't only revolve with it so being a lazy couch potato is such a luxurious treat. So be a potato, okay?

Well, sad to say, it's also bad. 

Losing weight due to exercise and clean eating is good and becomes addicting. I crave for exercises. When I'm stressed, I opt for hitting the gym or exercise at home and do a lil yoga here and there especially after having a sweaty session, I feel so fuckin' good. I feel like I unleashed the inner goddess within me but sad to say, overdoing it is bad. Good thing, I haven't done such a thing. That's why if I already completed my thrice a week routine, then, I'm good for the whole week. 

So don't overdo it.  As long as you did your part to treat your body nicely, give yourself a break. You still have weeks to go. There's a year for you to face and the coming years, too. Don't worry. Baby steps lead to huge changes so I repeat, don't overdo it.

What are your usual excuses not to hit the gym? 


  1. Really? You have huge thighs? Although, I find you fit and sexy. Haha! But I do feel you. We can't deny that there are times that we feel that there's something ugly with our body and it's a struggle to deal with. Hope you'll be able to balance working out and whatever it is you're doing in life. Hehe. Take care. :)

  2. My huge thighs get the best of me but I always struggle with sticking to working out :( I hope all goes well for us!

  3. Oh, my list of excuses is never ending, haha. The thing is that I am not a fan of gym or running, so this leaves me to more outdoor-sy type of exercises and the weather plays a huge part in my motivation to do anything. However, I think it's alright to skip some days if you aren't feeling it.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  4. Great post.

  5. I know right??? I have this 10 reasons why I should exercise pinned on my cork board and one reason is it will wake and boost you up like you drank espresso or red bull. Hahaha. Although, I haven't tried the latter. Instead of thinking of the aesthetics I'm gonna get from exercising, I think more of the long term effects so it wasn't that difficult to balance exercise and rest days.

    Hope you're having a great week. :)

  6. This whole post is so important and literally came right on time... whew. Thank you! I needed this reminder.

    Hannah [ stained tale ]

  7. Awwwe. You're welcome, Hannah. I'm glad this became a helpful reminder. Have a nice weekend! :)

  8. I've found that sometimes when I want to exercise the least doing it has the best outcome. Sometimes our bodies shut down and exercise can be it's reawakening! But I love that you are finding a healthy balance between exercise and rest days.
    Simply Me

  9. I've been skipping days this week and I feel fine about it but later when I get home, I have plans on working out. Wish me luck. Yeah, I've read that on your blog but at least, you do activities that make you active. How I wish I know how to ride a bike like you and of course, do some trekking. Hehe. :)


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