Why I Keep My Comments Open

Why I Keep My Comments Open | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

People who are close to me would know that I am a very private person. It takes a lot of time and patience to let me open up about something but there are stories of my life that I openly share regardless if I'm talking to a stranger or not. It depends on the person I'm talking to. Some say I am an open book. What you see is what you get but some say, I'm unpredictable. They won't know that I'm already being a sarcastic bitch, plain rude, or I'm just teasing. It's a one hell of a crazy journey to get to know me and despite how long the relationship we have, I still have dirty little secrets to keep. 

It's not a restriction of topic when it comes to sharing. I can share with you anything under the sun from personal, stories I've read, knowledge grasped for a time being, period talks, sex, up to the most random of all the random-est topics of all so long as you've passed a standard I made up. 

I've been in the blogosphere for a long time already. I was 13 when I started and now, I'm already 21. Wow, it's been eight years. Eight years of on-and-off relationship with blogging and those eight years involved numerous blog hopping and dropping a comment or two or maybe even more in every blog I stumbled upon. I'm back again with hopping from one blog to another and I came to realize more why keeping my comments open is one of the best decisions I've made. 

Yeah, I may be a private person but I like to keep my comments open for the public without the words 'Your comment is awaiting moderation' despite how unpredictable those comments would be. It's kind of frightening to see a bad comment on my work sitting for how many days already and left being unattended because life gets in the way for me and people would see it thinking 'Fuck, she has this bad comment.' but at least, I was able to start a conversation. I have two options: 1) to have a healthy conversation with this person who dropped this rude comment or 2) just delete it. So far, I haven't received such thing and hope it continues. 

Bloggers tend to click let my comments be approved first before displaying it but it doesn't work for me that way as time passed by. As a blog reader, it discourages me to post another comment once I dropped one and saw 'your comment is awaiting moderation' because I don't know whether I dropped a well-meant comment despite how many times I've already read and checked it before clicking the post button. It also discourages me because I don't know if it would even be published so obviously, my efforts would go to waste. Not only my efforts but my own naked thoughts. Once I also knew that moderation thing going on, I'd be discouraged to reply to other people's comments even though I have something to say because of what I've said earlier and I don't even know when this blogger would post my comment. Who knows by the time a blogger post my comment it would already be irrelevant at the time because we all know that people change, right?

When I've read an interesting blog post, I'd definitely drop a comment and share it but sometimes having this moderation thing going on could hold me back on sharing it. Maybe because I'll be waiting for your approval and of course, maybe that would take a day or maybe months and obviously, I already have forgotten that particular sensual post. There's also a high chance that I won't even received a notification that my comment was already approved.

I won't deny that I've tried moderating my comments to experiment things but later on, kept it open because all comments would just be posted anyway regardless of how good or bad that comment was. I don't want my blog readers be restricted by the flow of comments with the way how I am active with this blog. I want them to let their thoughts flow regardless I went missing in action.

It could be humiliating to receive a bad comment and if I'll receive one, I'd even question my life's existence and how bad I really am as a human being but that's life. We don't tend to get all the rainbows. We can't have everything. It's up to us how to handle those nasty words (if there's any).

Don't even start with 'You have to register first.' Seriously? I'm out! Nice blog, though. 


  1. Of course I will let my section run wild and free haha! Hope for the best! :)

  2. Well, you do have a point. I think this is how I could also grow as a blogger by letting my comments open. I hope you'll consider letting your comments open once you started blogging. :)

  3. I may not be a blogger but I can understand the heavy atmosphere of having a rude or negative comment on a blog post. Some other people who is just checking a post then stumbled upon a negative comment would either think bad of the person who commented it or the blogger. That's why some bloggers build their wall to protect their universe from toxicity of the internet world and that's how they build up their moderation for the comment section. I am amazed how you let the people be wild and free on your comment section and I commended you for that. That's how a person can become strong and courageous by your example you'll face that rude or negative comment head on with some impact, I know that you will always figure out things for the best and I always believe you really will give the most postive way to return to that negative comment. :)

  4. I understand your point of view, and it makes perfect sense! I wanted to keep my comments open too, but I feel bad if the comment is there in my post and I haven't replied yet. That's why I always turn on my comment moderation, so I'll know if I have replied already or not. I usually approve it when I'm about to reply.

    I tried using Disqus in Squarespace (bc I think people who left comments will receive a notification if someone replied), but I got annoyed when the comments were duplicated in Disqus! 😞

    So far I haven't received any bad comments, but I don't delete comments. 💖 maybe I should try to keep my comments open too.

  5. Oh yeah, you blog on WordPress, right? I hate receiving spam comments when I was still blogging on WordPress and deleting those nonsense comments take too much time. Haha! But at least, you don't delete comments made by humans regardless of how negative it is or not and that's good to hear. Hope you're having a great week. :)

  6. I also did the same thing when I put all my comments on moderation but then it's just the same with comments getting published. The only difference is that I'd just thoroughly check them. That was when I was using my blog's default comment system.

    Yeah, I noticed and I'm happy that you already switched because I no longer have to fill out necessary requirements. Haha! Yes, we receive notifications once you replied on our comments. It's also the same with yours. There's a new feature in Disqus where people can react with the post you make. Hehe ;)

    It's up to you but you already did and I'm glad that you did it. I even noticed right away that you received plenty of comments. :)

  7. This is a really interesting post and I completely share your sentiment. I wouldn't ever delete comments based on negativity, but I did decide to moderate my comments pretty early on (as you have noticed). The reason for that is because I receive frequent spam comments from bots with random words (often with a link to a gambling website). Obviously I don't want these type of comments on my blog and I don't always have the time to delete them straight away. But I will always approve a comment written by a real human :D


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