One Mindful Coffee Date

One Mindful Coffee Date | Indie Spirit

As a minimalist, I am mindful of the things that go in and out of my life and as much as possible, I always keep those that spark joy. Through this lifestyle, I became more mindful not only of the things I acquire in life but also of the impact it has on the environment. Having too much clutter was already overwhelming. What more if it's a total waste?

Did you know that a coffee cup needs 30 years before it decomposes? Straw would take 200 years. We'd already been dead but the straw is still there. All the plastics we've used would still be there. So to minimize my usage of plastics, I try my best to refuse which is one of the 5Rs - refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle.

One Mindful Coffee Date | Indie Spirit

Today's low waste purchase was a coffee date with Da at one of my fave coffee shops, The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf. I requested for them to put our coffee and tea in mugs and my take out pomegranate blueberry tea in my reusable Starbucks' tumbler with a reusable straw. Yeah, it's kinda embarrassing for me to use a container which isn't the brand of the coffee place but I don't want our planet, our only home, to suffer. For my take out food, I gave them back the plastic cutleries that I won't be using since I already have a spoon and fork at home. Talking to the barista of the lifestyle I want to live was something that made me happy. He even shared next month's promos that I could avail. Yay!

As always, compassion > convenience. Bringing reusables could be a hassle sometimes but the satisfaction I feel for saving money and helping the earth are all worth it.

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