I'm currently lying here on my boyfriend's bed while wearing his boxer shorts and my Alma Mater's shirt, listening to Wake Up With Jim and Saab podcast which I'm already on the ninth episode, and appreciating the rain outside. My boyfriend, Da, is currently playing a videogame on his laptop. It's a basketball game but I don't know the exact name and I don't want to disturb him playing so I might leave that matter for a while. I might update you on the next post what could he be playing. Although, it was kind of sweet when he told me that after probably four to five years of not able to play the game on his laptop, the game already started. He considered me lucky just because he could already play it.

Okay, that was a June 29 update which was an attempt to getting back on the blogosphere but when I was already done with that first paragraph, I fell asleep while listening to the mentioned podcast. I think it has to do with the vodka I drank that night. Before I went to my boyf's place, I attended a party and that guy above in the picture picked me up. He's so sweet, huh? I could've just started a fresh update but the thought of that moment on that very night in his room was special so the first paragraph should be in this blog post. Me being a sleepy head was just something that made the blogging attempt a failure.

Anyway, I remembered him getting my laptop from my lap so I could sleep comfortably while hugging him. I was hugging him while he was still playing the game. The following day he mentioned something cute about me. When he was already fixing things so he could already sleep beside me, he saw me looking for him while I was asleep. So imagine me sleeping on his bed tapping and looking for him. Haha! Even I found it cute and a bit clingy. Did you find that cute? When he saw me doing that, he immediately lie on bed and whispered 'I'm here.' I even asked him where did he go. 

Fast forward to two weeks, I'm here at the office using the laptop I borrowed from the MIS department which I used for a weekly meeting with the managing director. If you know my current situation, I couldn't blog because my place doesn't have any internet connection. Thus, the lack of presence of blog posts. 

I had a sort of intense meeting with the managing director this morning which I could conclude that I missed a lot of things. As weeks passed by, I can say that I might have thought that I already figured everything out and nothing was missed but oops, something missing could be found. Oh well, another lesson learned. Although, he said something during our meeting. He said, "I understand. It's hard to be a project manager, huh? Let's see if it's still hard in 20 years." Wow, Patrick. I'd be 44 that time and you can picture me working at Essilor forever. Lol. A little disclaimer here is that I'm not a project manager. Yes, I handle projects for the company and I coordinate with other departments and branches so these projects could move forward and be a success but I'm not a project manager. In a sense, it seems like I am one because the former manager retired and my supervisor is on maternity leave which resulted to a one-man department in terms of projects. Currently, I am directly reporting to the logistics manager and we, my manager and I'd have a weekly meeting with the managing director. I can say that it's already the weekend for me if this meeting is already done.

I've already been working for a year already and I am enjoying the ups and downs of this journey. I still have two years to go to pay back the good deed that Essilor did for me. When I was in college, I was their scholarship grantee so I have to work with them for three years and that's okay for me. It makes sense that three years of paying them back through working here is a good amount of time to gather experiences than staying in a company for only a year. They give me challenges which I am grateful for my career growth but I can't deny that there are days that I just want to stay at home, read, sleep and write but I have bills and a return of service to pay. I'm also grateful to have a job that had been waiting for me since college so that was something that I didn't have to worry at that time. So far, I'm in a love-hate relationship with the job I have, still learning the processes here, and grateful for the opportunities that came along the way.

Da and I had been discussing a lot of topics this week. It was like having our own podcast which was inspired by my fave couple, Jim and Saab. We had fun talking and t'was sort of another way to get in touch with our past lives before meeting each other and a lil bit of glimpse on how the future would look like for the both of us. I loved every moment of it. 

I couldn't promise anything for this blog because of my current internet situation. However, my laptop is at my boyf's place so if I'm there, there's a huge possibility that I'll be using my laptop and update this little space of mine unless I feel sleepy or be busy at their place.

How's your life lately?


  1. I am proud of you baby. Keep doing your thing, Love! Thank you for continuing your passion in writing & reading as well. Good job on your come back, I am happy for you and hoping for more. I love you!

  2. Hi baby! Thank you so much for the support. I love you more. <3

  3. Hi Mariz. Thanks for dropping by. I didn't expect anyone to visit my blog again because let's be real, I don't have any internet connection at home so the probability of updating this space is too low. However, I'm currently at my favorite human's place so that's how I'm replying to your comment. Huhu. I really miss this. Thanks for sharing any life update of yours. Work eats too much of my time from Monday to Saturday but as one of my life values, I should only work within the work hours so by 5, I'm already out of the office. I've been doing that for more than a year already and it feels good to be aligned with my values. I might discuss it on my blog probably soon. Let's hope for that. Saturday nights and Sundays are lazy days for me and the boyf. I think we deserve these days. Haha! I can't wait to read your blog. I really need to catch up! Haha.

  4. glad to see you back again in the blogosphere, Tin! and i am more than glad to see you happy with your favorite person <3 i have no life other than work on the weekdays and pretty much lazy days on the weekends, but life's been going well for me lately.

    sincerely, riz


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