2020: Another Fresh Start

Does this mean another fresh start for this blog? I don't know but I am planning to continue my blogging career regardless of no internet connection at home. I have to find ways for this to work. I am claiming it.

I know some would say to just leave my corporate job and start working from home but given the circumstances, that would be impossible and so far, I still like working on my job despite the countless times I told myself, my family, and my boyfriend how much I hate it. I think that would always be the case if you're not working on the job that you've been dreaming about your whole life, everything would be boring and a lot of complaints would come. Although, as much as possible, I am keeping it positive.

I am grateful that Essilor chose me as one of their scholarship grantees and through that, I was able to finish my studies. Also, I'd like to thank my college self for the grit that she had for pursuing that scholarship and being her best self on selling herself for the company to choose her. With the number of candidates chosen by my Alma Mater and only two passed, I am lucky! Yeah, lucky in a sense 95% hard work and 5% luck. Hehe!

So going back to my aspiration of coming back here, yes, it's true! There has been a lot of attempts made to bring back this rotten place alive and here I am, trying my best to pour all my words out. I might even buy a domain for the sake of making it official but also because maybe buying a domain is not yet a good option due to the inactivity.

As someone who has no internet connection at home, how do you even maintain a blog? I could consider bringing my laptop everywhere with me, blog here at my boyfriend's home, or just don't blog at all. How could I maintain a life which I can blog, work an 8-4 or 9-5 job, stay healthy, and get my sh*t together? How do you do it?

When this year started, I felt hopeful that I can do this. I can build a life I want and actually, live it. One month down and I can say that somehow 2020 is doing good. With the adulting stuff that I did for myself and for my friends, adulting is a struggle but something that we could all do (if only money is not a huge hindrance, lol).

To officially welcome you on my humble space here in the blogosphere, I'd like to update you on what's happening to my life since 2020 started. 

  • I am trying my best every week to do something for my passion project which is this - blogging. So far, I've already contacted my domain seller of the previous domain that I've used for years when I was still active and unfortunately, I still have to wait 60-90 days (if there's any luck) to purchase it. I'm torn between using augustinra.com as my go-to domain because that was already my brand or to start something new like alwaysra.com. I don't know. It's difficult to decide so I'm taking the 60-90 days as a time for me to decide whether to go to my default or to try something new. Hmm. 
  • My boyfriend and I did some adulting stuff since last week. We had our passport appointment and yay, I can already imagine the possible countries I'll be visiting in the future. I'm also excited about the trips my boyfriend and I'll be going to. There'd be a lot of saving to do. On the 24th of February, I received my student driver's license and I'm pretty happy that I'm already this close to driving a car for real! 
  • It's so nice to catch up with an old blogger friend. Yes, I'm talking about Kai! We've talked a lot. I'm hoping that we'll have a chance to meet in person soon. 
  • I gained five kilograms since I started dating Darylle. We eat a lot and oh well, I try my best to exercise and this week, my regular exercise has become a daily thing so I'm proud of myself to balance between food and exercise. The positive thing that I can get with having a 52-kilogram weight is that I can donate blood which is one of my goals. I hope by this time the doctor won't reject me because last time, she rejected me for not reaching 50 kilograms.

I guess that would be for now. There's nothing juicy or exciting in my life lately. I'm glad that I wake up every day with a new hopeful heart that a new day has come filled with great opportunities to fail or be better, another day for self-growth, and to be with the people I love. 

How's your life lately?

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