A Great Start

A Great Start

One thing that I wanted to develop so bad since the quarantine started was a good morning routine but until now, I haven't done anything about it because my goal was to wake up early that I'd do things for myself like exercising, journaling, and meditating. I was able to do that pre-Covid but who was I kidding when the quarantine started? I just had to catch up a lot of missed sleep back then. Also, the marathons I did on Netflix didn't do any good on my sleeping pattern if we'd have to consider my goal of being an early bird.

Why is this important to me? You knew me as a goal-getter back then. Did you remember old me balancing my studies, a little of a side hustle here and there, and somehow, getting myself a social life outside the internet? Years after my graduation, that all changed! Somehow my priorities changed and what I value in life. Let's not forget the hiatus I did on this blog. What a shame, eh? To forget one's passion because adulting life is getting in the way. Obviously, I was lost in a sea of career-driven individuals and looking for a real identity. However, these changes brought me to the realization that I'm in need of a good morning routine that is sustainable and will have a significant impact on my life, especially in the future. 

The following are the things if given that a perfect day exists that I'd like to have for a morning routine. 

But first, get enough sleep. 

No matter how perfect my plans would be throughout the day if I lack the energy and the rest that my body needed, my morning routine obviously turns into waste. In order for that to happen, I'd need to also establish a good night routine that would allow me to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep, right? It's such a dream to have a complete well-rested sleep, huh? 


When I started working, I used to meditate 5-10 minutes by the time I wake up. Despite how cold the morning breeze that enters my room and how sleepy I was, I'd push myself to meditate. This is how I prepared myself to be calm during any chaos that would happen at work. This was my way to prepare for war. With this habit, it made me at peace, loving towards the slowness of life, and grateful with the little things. 


There were times that I tried exercising in the morning before going to work. My belief was to start the day with this difficult task so I'd feel accomplished right away and I don't have to worry whether I can exercise after work or not. This helped me to be energetic. I think the endorphins helped a lot to boost my day. However, due to the limited time that I have to prepare for work and the commute time I'd have to consider, this became impossible. If I have to do this, I need to wake up so early and sacrifice my sleep which is something that I don't want to do. 

Read more. 

I'm such a dreamer, huh? I think one would be overwhelmed by how I want my morning would go. However, the objective is to do things that will have a significant contribution to my growth and development and then, I can serve my community. My boyfriend gave me a Kindle as a birthday gift last year so I could read more anywhere and anytime so I read a chapter or two while traveling to work and that makes me so happy. I'm currently reading the fourth book of the Harry Potter series and that brings me back to my childhood. It makes me so giddy! 


If reading or exercising can't be done in the morning, journaling would be a habit that I'd love to develop. I used to do morning pages. It feels like meditating but more on settling down the noise inside my head through words. Sort of a word vomit or mental dump at the start of the day but I want to change that in a way that I nurture myself with love. I want to fill my journal with positive affirmations, aspirations, and thoughts of the present time. A memory project of self-love and calling the Universe that I am worthy of love and good things. 

Everything sounds so dreamy, huh? Couple it with a good cup of coffee and a hearty meal in the morning without being in a hurry of getting late. The key to achieve all of these is to take things slowly and to wake up early so I won't get overwhelmed with all of it. I tried these on some days in the past years and it felt so good but I wasn't able to sustain them. Despite the failed attempts, I am trying again just like the sun. The sun will rise and we'll try again.

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