let's wrap 2020

let's wrap 2020

Whoever you are, I'm grateful that you tried to visit my inactive blog. How was your 2020? Was it horrible to you? Mine was. I've never wanted a new year this fast but oh well, here's 2021, and hoping for a fresh start despite living in this abnormal new normal. Despite 2020 being horrible especially with the government of my country making it less pleasing to live in, there are still things that I am quite thankful for. The perseverance, resiliency, and optimism made it bearable to survive. One thing that I'm proud of last year was I survived as an individual, as a partner to my boyfriend, and as a family member one day at a time. 

As an individual, I thought I'd survive this pandemic with a sane mind. I'm still sane but quite frankly, there were just days that you just wanted to curse this pandemic and make it go away. Sometimes I couldn't believe it. Maybe I was just dreaming. Of course, there were days that I felt less loved and I'd curl up in bed crying wishing the world was healthy and I was outside doing something for my growth and development. As an only child, I thought I'd survive being alone in this pandemic but no man is an island and I'm forever in debt for my loved ones being present during this ordeal. 

If there was one thing that I've invested with so much time last year, that would be my physical and mental health. I never looked at my vitamins as something expensive but rather as a necessity that my body will thank me in the long run. I exercised regularly, almost every day during the quarantine and when I went back to work, I made sure to actually make time for exercising at least a minimum of thrice a week. As for my mental health, journaling and meditating helped. I'm still struggling with meditation but it's a good habit to develop. I decided that I'd love to develop this habit for good by actually doing it with the help of an app, Insight Timer, after doing a sweat session of exercise. It's like doing two things at a time. More like stacking habits which is something I learned from an unfinished self-help book. I should go back to reading it soon. Haha!

As a partner, I can't say that I was good all the time. It was difficult for me not to see or be with Darylle for a long time. I was surprised when he showed up out of the blue and that made me the happiest after how many months on quarantine. Throughout the year, I lost track of how many times I felt thankful and blessed to have him as my boyfriend. His patience despite our struggles in this pandemic was unwavering. It was something that I highly appreciated and admired. This would sound so cheesy if he ever checks my blog but I'm so blessed to have him sticking with me throughout our ups and downs since day one. 

let's wrap 2020

As a family member, I'd say that we became more glued with one another. We developed routines that could easily be seen by an observant eye such as our garden grew. We had more plants now compared to before. Years ago, I started it with a cactus which I named Katniss. Then, my mom and I did projects for the garden like having our herbs section. Last year, my mom made another new level for our garden to the point we'd give away some of our plants to have more space, and by helping the community on starting this earth-friendly journey. It was nice seeing bees dancing outside in the morning. It felt like that the world wasn't damaged by humans but of course, realistically speaking, with this pandemic going on, I'm quite worried about our planet. I hope you're doing something for the greater good because there's no planet B.

I have a lot to say about 2020. All the journaling that I did from last year until now is helping me overcome my fears of not writing anything for this blog. Thus, being inactive for quite a long time for the nth time. I don't want to be too hard on myself so I'm taking this one post at a time especially when the inspiration and courage kick in. 

If you're still here despite the inactivity, thank you. Let's have a chat in the comment section below or drop by on my Instagram. Let me know your thoughts on this post. Something like that. Something that would spark my socializing skills. Happy new year!

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