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Clickies 03 | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

And now we're back! I had two posts years ago about the things that I've discovered on the web that I'd love to share with my readers if there's any or just you know, something that I could look back into that 'wow, I really had the time to listen, watch or read this!' and of course, to discuss my thoughts on a particular discovery. So yeah, welcome to this series and I am hoping this could be entertaining, mind-blowing, or helpful in any way. 


I've been into podcasts since college but when I started working, my love for this kind of platform went to an ultimate high. This has been a tool for me to survive a boring commute or a hectic day at work. It became one of my go-to fuel for a caffeine boost. Haha! Sometimes, this would be my answer to start the day on a productive note especially I'd be listening to podcasts that would contribute to my self-growth and development. Back then, I used to listen to them through a podcast app but when Spotify started releasing podcasts, it was such a dream come true and that, my friend, made me pay for a subscription and until now, it's so worth it. 

The following are the podcasts that I'd love for you to try: 

Wake Up With Jim And Saab

Back then, I used to watch them talk through this series on Youtube. Yeah, this was on Youtube back then and until now, it is but, of course, I can't watch them while I'm working so when they released their first episode on Spotify, I was extremely excited about it. 

So for this week, I listened to Episode 133: How to Succeed in Your Job in the New Normal | Gerry Bacarro and it has become helpful to have a perspective from a successful man who has a different generation from mine. I caught a glimpse of what it was to work back then and now. I was picturing myself if there'd be a possibility that I'd turn myself into a lifer but I am hoping that if I ever become one, I'd better be goddamn successful because I don't want to be a successfool

The following were the lessons I learned from this episode while folding the laundry: 

  • Having the right supervisor is the key to either making or breaking you. I'd see a number of posts on LinkedIn telling their stories that no matter how dreamy their jobs were, they'd still leave because of their shitty bosses or a toxic culture within the department. So far, I'm lucky to have a boss that I gave with a 'World's Best Boss' enamel pin as a birthday gift this month because she helped me become the person I am now when it comes to my job. My job isn't what I've been dreaming of but because of her, I was able to survive the pressure and the disappointments I'd throw at myself. I have a friend that I can tell my life lessons and adulting struggles on a bi-weekly basis and guess what, she told me that she thinks she has learned more from me than I've learned from her which of course, made me smile. It didn't occur to me that someone who's years ahead of me would appreciate my wisdom. 
  • How do you see yourself five years from now is no longer a thing due to VUCA  which is volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Take the future in bite-size!
  • The ability to bounce back is so important especially with our generation on how we're easily distracted with what's happening around us. Generations before us aren't that pressured when it comes to achieving a lot in life within a timeframe, right? In what way, though? For us, we'd set ourselves a deadline that in this age, I have to be this and that. However, back then, it could also be the same but the pressure isn't that difficult because there were no social media back then. After a long day at work, we'd check our accounts and see that your classmate is celebrating his promotion as the youngest manager or someone is living the dream. The lack of instant communication years ago made people back then focus more on themselves. They'd only know an update when they'd see each other through reunions and letters but for us, it's totally different. We're bombarded with too much information that we forget to just focus on ourselves and we have our own path to take. 
  • The Psychology of the Decades is something you need to do per decade so you could experience the fruit of this specific decade. Something like that.
  • There are a lot of career lessons on this episode so if you're someone who's on the search for any piece of advice in terms of career, maybe this is for you. Try it!


I decided to listen to them yesterday and I've been binge-listening to them throughout the whole afternoon and that gave me the patience to focus more on work. The couple behind the podcast made me realize how grateful I am to have Da as a significant other. I am always grateful but there'd be times that I'd feel more of it, you know. It's rare to have a genuine deep connection with someone that you can talk about anything. I'd have these deep talks with him that I'd regret not recording because it seems a good thing to share with the world and besides, we're not podcasters so hitting the record button isn't our default. Haha!

I'd love to talk to someone about the episodes but in particular, let's talk about how Kryz started on her career. One thing that I am always trying to aim in life is not to live paycheck to paycheck. Financial freedom is a top priority but this doesn't mean that I have to earn a lot but I'd like to develop the skills to be frugal and to be wiser on how I handle anything financial so no matter how little or big I'd earn, I can live. Another thing that I always aim for in life is work isn't everything. We should have a life outside work. 

Kryz said on their podcast, "We shouldn't be living to work." to which Slater replied, "Or living for the weekend like "Ah, can't wait for Saturday and Sunday to do what I love". Balance is key. 

Something to ponder: 

  • What were your adulting struggles when you started working? 
  • What lessons have you learned so far on your career or life in general? 
  • Do you have any podcast recommendations? If so, share it with me. But of course, I want to know why you listen to this particular podcast. 

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