Plan With Me: Go, Grow, and Glow

Plan With Me: Go, Grow, and Glow | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

After having a usual weekend date with my significant other, I decided to be productive yesterday and Sundays are my self-care days - an opportunity to reset my life and prepare for the upcoming week. My self-care days could be either of these two: 1) be lazy and glorify the day to its truest purpose which is to rest or 2) be productive like doing household chores, prepare a week worth of work uniform, read a book, do journaling, and whatever tickles my fancy of what a productive day should be. 

I cleaned my bedroom, did the laundry, read a book, and wrote in my journal. After writing all my thoughts in my journal, I was planning to exercise but then, my room wasn't available for exercise because all my washed clothes were inside. Yeah, I had to hang all of my washed clothes inside so I won't have to get worried if it rains. So my only option yesterday was to take a walk around the subdivision which I did. I didn't let laziness triumph. 

While walking, I was thinking of lessons I learned during this pandemic. These lessons could be considered as cliche but as cliche, as it may sound, they're still lessons that we often take for granted. With these lessons learned, I want to share them here on the blog as slowly as possible. 

In my previous post, I mentioned that I failed to plan my 2021. However, that we're now in the third month of the year, I am hopeful that I'll be planning this year for good. I'm planning to take this project seriously which is to go, grow, and glow inside and out. This project is about me and how to make myself the best version ever that I can be within a year. 

Plan With Me: Go, Grow, and Glow | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

Regular exercise and meditation are the habits that I'm planning to put into practice badly. Some would say why would I need exercise when I'm already skinny. I may look skinny but I am not. I don't look skinny nor fat but also, I can't say that I am the healthiest that I've ever been in terms of my physical. Going up and down the stairs has become a struggle compared to my so-called skinny days. My pants won't fit me. What's really worse is that I don't feel healthy inside. One thing that I'd like to develop in exercising is my strength. I did habit stacking which is putting a new habit on top of the old one. The old habit was exercising and I put meditation on top. The twist here is to focus more on strength training and cardio on working out and when it comes to meditation, to do it regardless if I exercised or not. 

Through these habits, I'd be developing my physical and mental well-being in order for me to glow inside and out. Putting these plans for the public to see would mean that I'm telling the Universe that this time, I mean it. I'm doing this for myself!

I'm sick with people body shaming me and looking at myself not appreciating the body that I have. There are days that I may look in the mirror looking beautiful and empowered with this body of mine but there'd also be days that my insecurities are eating me which sucks big time. I want to have a healthy body that is empowered through healthy habits like exercising and eating good food. Throughout the process, I am hoping that slowly but surely, I'll be loving my body to its full potential regardless of the rolls or muscles that I'll be having in the future. I'd love to witness my journey of how my body changes to go and grow to become the best version it could be. 

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