15 bookish facts about me

15 bookish facts about me | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

I had a difficult time falling asleep last night. My brain was bombarded with thoughts of my life being a bookworm and since I've been thinking about it, might as well, share it here. When I was a kid, I never imagined myself reading a lot especially books with no pictures. Haha. But then, it has always been the default of a child to be interested in books with pictures, especially colored ones. Years went by and here I am, a self-proclaimed caffeinated book junkie and I am proud of that. 

1. I was fond of reading the 'I Wonder Why' set when I was a kid. 

I remembered reading these books every day because it has been a routine in the house to let me read something to develop the habit of studying. I didn't feel that it was a chore because I was also interested to learn and see the colored pictures. My favorite topic from this set was Egypt and until now, I have an interest in this country. 

Years later, I discovered through my father that my name originated from the Egyptian Sun God, Ra. 

2. I had my first set of Harry Potter books (#1-4) when I was probably six years old. 

My mom bought this set along with the 'I Wonder Why' and I questioned her taste in books because it doesn't have pictures in it but I used to play these books and pretend that I was witch without knowing that the books I was playing with were about witches, wizards, and magic. It has been my childhood favorite. 

3. I've read my first novel at age 10.

My mom arrived home from a trip and she brought two novels. I was hooked with James Patterson's Sail and was able to finish it in less than a week. What happened to the other novel? I wasn't interested in it because it was a science fiction and gave it to a classmate in high school who liked the genre. I don't have the copy of the first novel I mentioned because I lent it to someone last 2018 and he hasn't returned the book yet. 

4. I used to read a novel per day. 

In high school, I had this streak in which I can read a book per day and I haven't noticed that until the librarian noticed how a fast reader I was so on that very day, she stamped a 24-hour deadline on the book I borrowed. Oh well, unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish it right away. I guess it was the pressure but I can still remember that day clearly, I was pretty busy in class and wasn't able to read. It was no longer fun. 

How old am I during these times? 13! 

5. I wrecked my eyes through reading. 

I became a 4-eyed person when I was 16 and I'm already 23 so do the math. I'd hear from colleagues that I'm too young to have blurry vision and maybe the cause was my usage of technology but nope, I used to read in a dark corner of my room the whole day. Back then, it was okay for me as long as I can still read and I just realized that seeing things from a distance was getting difficult. At first, my mom wouldn't believe me because I'm still young so we had an eye check-up, and guess what, both of us have blurry vision. Plus, it's in the genes. 

6. Mom, the influencer. 

I wasn't a bookworm when I was a kid. Yeah, I'd read but I couldn't call myself a bookworm at that time. So how did I develop the love for the printed word? By having a mom who would discuss the Harry Potter books with me and I couldn't contribute anything to the discussion so I got curious and started reading it. From that day on, I became a Potterhead. Thanks, mom!

One of my goals if ever I become a mom is to let my kids see me reading because in some way, they'll copy me and reading is such a good drug. *winks*

7. Being fortunate in unfortunate circumstances

I grew up in a province that doesn't have a bookstore but I was able to read more novels by borrowing books from people of all ages. I guess this is how I was able to deal with different genres. After finishing my studies in high school, we moved to another province that doesn't have a bookstore. It was only years later that I was able to discover local stores selling a mix of brand new and secondhand books. Anyway, so during that time, the possible thing that I could have a chance to read a novel was ordering it through Book Depository, borrowing books from the school library, and downloading e-books. 

8. I used to do book reviews. 

I used to have a blog on Tumblr about my life and book reviews. Every time I'd finish a book, I'd post a review about it. Through that, I was able to turn my blog into what I was dreaming of what a blog should be especially I follow blogs with the same niche. In my third year of college, a fellow bibliophile sent me a message asking what were my preferred genres and the address of where to send the books she'll be giving me. She was giving me books because I inspired her through my blog and I never knew that someone appreciated my thoughts and writings. One of the things that I miss on Tumblr is the appreciation that I'd receive from time to time that the online space that I established as an escape inspired them. 

Do I have any plans on making book reviews in the future? Yes. I am slowly trying to compose my thoughts and make them into solid reviews just like old times. *fingers crossed*

9. I read them first. 

My college best friend, Lyka, would receive books from her boyfriend or from anyone and I'd read the books first. After reading, I'd tell her my thoughts about it. I'd judge it and that's how she decides if she's going to read it or not. I weigh both the good and the bad of each book she lent me. 

10. Ask Ra. 

I had guy friends in college that would ask me what books to buy for their girlfriends. I had college friends who would ask me what e-book reader is best to use. I had friends who would ask me what to read and what are my thoughts about it without spoiling them. 

15 bookish facts about me | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

11. Penguin

I had this huge obsession with buying any book that I could find that was published by Penguin Random House

12. Career

I've always wanted to be a librarian so I could be surrounded by silence and books. I also have the opportunity to read more of both old and newly published books. Can someone hire me to read a book the whole day? 

13. Minimalism

I used to own more than a hundred books composed of novels and autobiographies. The majority of them were read and obviously, my to-be-read list is pretty long. However, due to minimalism, I gave away some of the books I've already read and had no plans to keep because I wanted them to be read and touched by many instead of collecting dust. I think the purpose of the book ceases to exist when it's just being kept on a shelf. 

14. Such a dream

I've always dreamt of having a Kindle and received one from my boyfriend on my birthday last year. Yay! I cried. Every time I'd read a book on my Kindle, it'd remind me of how loving and supportive my boyfriend is so I could read more. When I started working in the corporate world, I had less time to read and it was such a struggle and painful that sometimes, I'd cry and tell him that I wanted to read so bad but I was always exhausted or there was a reason on why I can't do it. If I can remember it correctly, I cried happy tears twice because of books. Obviously. First, he surprised me with a set of Dan Brown's books and his reason was "just because". Second, the Kindle. 

15. Grateful 

I used to hide the fact that I was a bookworm. I thought that people would find me weird and nerdy which is true the majority of the time but meeting people who have the same interests as mine which is reading a lot made me open to the fact that I shouldn't be ashamed of it. As a bookworm, we hold great power through knowledge and no one should belittle us because not all people have the patience to read a book. Aside from traveling, reading makes us richer. I always see the printed word as an investment. 

I am grateful to those who lent and gave me books and even discussed the printed word with me in the past because, in one way or another, you contributed a percentage of who and what I am right now. 

I enjoyed oversharing these facts and maybe I'd share more next time. Haha! What are your bookish facts? 

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