check-in no. 01

check-in no. 01 | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

It's been months since I've updated the blog with what's happening in my life lately but it has been one of my tasks to actually make a series out of it but I don't know what title would totally fit in but then, one night after doing my usual night read, an idea came and here it is, my first ever checked in series. This is a good opportunity to actually check with one another on what's happening with our lives if that's something you'd like to share on the blog or via DM. 

So here it goes. 


Yesterday was my 18th day of the 30-day yoga journey and so far, so good! I've mentioned before that I never imagined doing this but I never knew how therapeutic it actually is. Although, I knew that any form of exercise could be therapeutic especially with the happy hormones going active but I never actually imagined that doing yoga was a good awakening to my mind, body, and soul. There'd be times that I feel so contented and at peace with my life. 

Now, I can picture myself going to Bali attending those yoga classes. Haha! It's a huge wow for a change in lifestyle. However, I had a difficult time doing one pose because my arms were too weak to carry me but guess what, I didn't pressure myself to perfectly do it. I even took a video of myself looking like a frog doing it and planned on showing it to my mom and boyfriend of the progress I am doing on this journey. I am proud to have come this far especially it takes a lot of patience and determination to just show up on a slow practice. 

check-in no. 01 | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra


I'm not particularly in love with my job but it doesn't mean that I hate it. I am thankful for the money that I earn from it because, despite the pandemic, I still have a job that can pay the bills and somehow, buy the things I want. 

We're currently in a transition phase within the department and the changes that I am facing will affect my career and I want everything to turn out good. Saying that I am looking forward to it is so positive that contrasts what I actually feel about it but I'm not dreading it. I'm grateful and blessed to have this new opportunity within a short period of time but still, I'm not excited nor avoiding it. It's just something that bounds to happen so if it happens, let it happen and I'll do the job because it's already an obligation that I am ready to take. You get me? 

Social media

Let's take the time to pause and congratulate me for deactivating my Facebook account for the nth time and so far, I haven't go back. My life has been peaceful and there was no urge to grab my phone and open the app constantly just because an Excel file is too slow to open. There were some temptations to reactivate it again like people talking about what this person posted online but if the thought of going back ever popped out of my mind, it'd be instantly blocked that it'd just be a waste of my time. 

Another achievement was deactivating my Twitter account, yay! It's been months that I haven't updated the account constantly and every time I'd visit it, it'd be overwhelming and toxic because of how saturated the platform already is and I never even look for the app since deactivating it so that's a huge game-changer for someone who had the account since high school. Have you experienced the Twitter era when there was still a tweet limit? Yup, that's how young I was back then. 

And since I'm no longer wasting my time scrolling mindlessly on social media, I have more time to invest in myself like giving more time to moving my body, doing the household chores, and reading a book. 

check-in no. 01 | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

Last book, hoorah!

I am on the last book of the Harry Potter series and as an adult rereading her favorite childhood series, it's still exciting! Developing a reading habit was the best decision I've made as a kid. I'm more than halfway through the book and I'm both sad and happy about it because finally, I'll be able to finish the series again but then, I'm done with the series again. I think we've felt like this with a book or two. Mine was a series. Haha!


I'm back on Netflix and I'm watching 'The Queen's Gambit'. Yeah, I know that I'm already late but every time something goes on trend or if it's being too overhyped by any social media platform I'm on, my interest in it decreases. I'm still on the second episode and if you're happy that I'm finally watching it, let me know. Haha! 

check-in no. 01 | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

Guilt-Free Coffee

It feels so good to have guilt-free coffee. How guilt-free is this? I don't use any paper cups that would just turn into waste and I've read something online that paper cups aren't really good for the environment. Plus, it feels so satisfying to get back on my values on low-impact living. My conscience couldn't keep up with the number of cups I've accumulated with my take-out coffee. Actually, it was just two or three cups but I couldn't fully enjoy my coffee because of the waste so I bought a Kool collapsible cup that I could easily bring with me on the daily for any drink or food. At first, I was hesitant because I've to spend money on it and it'd be another addition to the things I own so I only have two choices to make which were 'Do not buy take out coffee' or 'Close an eye while drinking caffeine with guilt'. As someone who was always caffeinated since college, I can't do it and there'd be days that I can't bring my brewed coffee from home so yeah, I bought it on sale and since then, mornings spent having to-go coffee in a reusable cup has always been a good start of a workday! Yay!

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