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habits i wanna break by Augustin Ra

Developing good habits has been one of my life's tasks and as someone who's tackling adulthood one day at a time, it's a struggle to develop good habits especially sustaining them but most of all, it's much more difficult to break bad habits. 

Some habits are already innate and we sort of classify them as our default actions. Some are to be developed for how many days. As much as I want to try to make this blog as positive as it could be, that would be a huge lie of my personality because I don't live a perfect life. I also have bad days. 

So the following are the habits that I want to break: 

duh, online shopping. 

When the quarantine started, it became a huge relief on my part that I won't be spending a lot on food, transportation, and miscellaneous. I felt that I'd be this adult that would only focus on the bills and through this, I was able to save more. However, as months passed by, I gave in. I checked out an item, received it, and was so happy with my purchase that turned into a cycle of happiness and misery at the same time. Although the majority of my purchases since this pandemic started went into good use, I can't deny that how I wish I had this self-control and discipline not to check out an item. Yes, it became an addiction. 

Right now, the only parcel that I'm waiting for is a brand new Fjallraven Kanken No. 2 backpack, and oh well, there won't be any regrets because it has been a dream bag and I'm more of a backpack kind of girl. I'm hoping that this would be my last huge purchase for myself this year. 

One of my solutions to this is to think of the hours I actually worked to earn the amount I have to pay for an item, service, or whatever it is. Good idea, right? 

scrolling mindlessly on social media

Scrolling is the new smoking. Ugh. 

How many times did I catch myself going back to the reality that I'm in this deep world of scrolling mindlessly on social media? Lots! Just because I don't have anything to do. This is why I like planning my day and being productive as much as possible so I won't have to pick up my phone and just go from one app to another. 

Plus, without careful usage of these socials, it can seriously harm my mental health. This is when detox is a must. I'm planning to delete my Twitter account. It no longer serves me. I felt that it's a platform that drains me so much because of these people who are so woke to pick a fight on everything even if you're just eating a banana. I don't know why I said about the banana thing but you get me, right? Some Twitter peeps would just call you out on a little thing and cancel you for nothing. I haven't experienced that but seeing this kind of behavior is so toxic. 

Why won't they put their energy into something else, huh?

not getting enough sleep

I'm the kind of person who doesn't get enough sleep but still able to wake up early, not be late on anything, and function as a human. I really do want to break this because I'm on my journey of self-love and I want to nourish my body with enough rest and a good night's sleep. This is why I'm trying my best to do everything on my to-do list by the time I arrive home so I don't have to beat myself up for not having enough hours in a day. But then, my usual day would be taking a rest when I arrive home, scroll mindlessly on my phone, and do the things I need to do. Basically, I wasted maybe an hour or two. 

Acknowledging these bad habits that I have was actually good for me so I know what I'd focus on improving from now on. So far, these are the bad habits that I can remember. 

What are yours? Were you able to break one and how did you do it? 

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