Trying To Pick It Up Again

Trying To Pick It Up Again | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

As a bibliophile, people assume that we never get tired of reading, we never lose touch with the printed word, and it sucks how these assumptions could turn out to be the opposite for quite some time. It's such a nightmare to be in a reading slump. The uncertainty on how it happened demotivates me more as to why I'm in such a state. I couldn't remember when I lost motivation on reading. A novel per day, wow! That's how fast I used to read but of course, I try not to pressure myself on reading a novel per day but what I wanted is to bring my old self back into this habit. 

So lately, I've been trying my best to read as slowly as possible despite the 30 books I set for myself on Goodreads. Damn. I know, I know, what a load! Haha. We're still on the third month of the year and I'm just being optimistic here that maybe there'd be a time along the way that I could even read more than the goal. Right? 

The following are the things that I try so I could have a little reading time: 

Commute Reads

One of the best things that I dream that I could able to do every morning is to read a book and that's what I am trying to do despite the lack of sleep. Every commute to work is an opportunity to read a chapter or two. It boosts the happy hormones in me that I'm doing something for myself before others which is sort of a self-care ritual. 

Instead of scrolling

I'm starting to live with intention these days especially I'm focusing on self-growth to have a better future and every time I'd catch myself scrolling mindlessly on social media or even on shopping apps, I'd lock my phone and get my Kindle so I'd read even just a number of pages. So instead of feeling guilty and a little bit dumb for wasting my time, I was able to be productive even just a couple of minutes. 

But first

How many times did we tell ourselves that we can't read a book because we don't have the time? Plenty, huh? So what I'd do sometimes is to do the things I have to do for the day and push myself to finish all of them as much as possible so I could reward myself to read the printed word. I'd do this majority of the week after work so I'd feel enough for doing the best that I can and if I really can't because I have to sleep, at least, I was productive and not wasting time again on social media or doing nothing. 

Through this, I can do the next tip. 

Getting in the mood

One of the best things about getting in the mood is having an organized mind and place in which there's no clutter that would distract me from reading a book. Now that I have a clean and organized room, I'd light a scented candle which was a gift from my best friend, or burn some essential oils, relax, grab my Kindle and read. A good drink at the side makes it more rewarding. 

Although, one fact about me is that my sense of smell isn't really that good so lighting a scented candle doesn't do much of a service for me unless there's no electricity. Maybe the scented candle that I have doesn't have a strong scent that my nose can smell. Nothing to worry about, though. I don't have the virus. My nose can no longer smell that easily since pre-covid but I can still smell but kind of picky towards scents. One time when I bought a body spray, I brought my best friend along with me so she'd be the one smelling them. Haha! 

Channel Your Energy

There'd be times that we're too lazy to even do it and would just do mindless things but it's all in our mindset. If we channel our energy to do the task and focus on reading the first few pages, we won't notice that we're already halfway through the chapter especially if you're like me that I couldn't measure how short my concentration span these days. 

Being Accountable

I think there are two types of being an accountable reader. One is keeping it to him/herself like having a Goodreads account to keep track of the current reads and the reading challenge. While the other join book clubs to have a reading buddy to discuss the current read and motivate each other to pick up the slack. 

I am both but the majority of the time, I'd just keep it to myself. I followed a book club called @curlupclub by Jen Im on Instagram during the quarantine so it'd motivate me to read more or to pick ideas on what to read next but I haven't talked to the community so I couldn't call myself an active member of the club. Haha! 

I used to dream of having a book club here in the province and we'd meet once a month after reading the book of the month to discuss it. However, due to the pandemic and my current internet situation, doing it via Zoom makes it impossible and besides, I'm not yet in the phase that I can call myself as someone who can read a lot of books within a month. I'm still struggling. 

Carry it everywhere

I bring my Kindle with me whenever and wherever I go. Usually, the boring commute or lines pushes us to get the book from our bag and start reading, and doing this during the mundane hours makes living magical and I romanticize it so much. 

I hope these tips will help you and also myself to read more this year. As a bookworm, it saddens me that working in the corporate world and getting tired after the day led me to not being able to finish one book even just for a month. So here's to being hopeful and getting back on track as the bookworms we used to be! 

Happy reading! 

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