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Last Sunday, I planned on downloading YT videos related to fitness that I can do at home and I thought maybe I should try yoga after watching Maxine's videos of her self-improvement journey. Yoga has always fascinated me. The calm and patience it takes to pose, breathe, and stretch is really something, and the benefits along with it like mindfulness, serenity, and the wonders it could do to the mind and body. 

So yesterday was my first day of a 30-day yoga journey and a little background about myself and the fitness journey I've been into is that I like anything that would make my body move and make my happy hormones go active. I love anything that would make me grow and my body would benefit a lot from so trying out yoga despite the lack of patience is something that I'm willing to try and I have this hypothesis that maybe, just maybe, yoga is really for me. Maybe this will be a journey not only for my body but also for the mind to teach me to be calm and patient despite the circumstances. 

There are plenty of benefits to doing yoga and the top reason why I want to do this is self-care. Now that I'm in my 20s and being in a healthy relationship with my significant other, wanting to improve myself for the better has always been such a dreamy goal. When you love someone and being loved in return in a healthy way, it makes you fall in love with yourself, too. Don't get me wrong, though. When I was still single, I was also on a self-love journey, getting to know more of myself, and trying to be better every day so when I fall in love, there won't be any mess with the relationship because of my issues. However, this isn't a perfect world, I'm still struggling with this self-love thing but having a partner that supports you to be someone who you're ought to be is such a huge blessing and I don't want to waste this opportunity so, in the long run, I won't be dealing with any issues that may cause trauma to anyone especially with building a family. 

I was pretty excited about this journey but at the same time, kind of nervous about what to do because I'm not flexible. That's why I prefer lifting weights and doing cardio as sweaty activities but oh boy, I never knew that I'd also sweat a lot during the yoga session. I could feel pain in stretching my body and at the same time, I feel relaxed that my body needed this. It deserved this. The breathing exercise was a struggle. I couldn't do it in a timely manner but I was trying my best not to pressure myself to do it perfectly. I'd remind myself that I have to be gentle with this situation especially since this is my first time and that my body isn't used to it. 

Along the way, I was getting the hang of it despite the shaking and painful stretching. As someone who wants everything to be done right away, yoga is quite the exact opposite. I can't just finish the session in a short period of time and be all sweaty and breathless. It takes time to even reached the peak and there were times that I'd yawn and feel sleepy which led me to the realization that I have to do my cardio and HIIT body workout before doing this. 

Is it worth the try? When I ended the session by whispering 'Namaste' in a prayer position, I felt light and relaxed. So far, yes, it is. I felt good and gentle towards myself. I'm not sure what kind of reasoning is behind this gentle aura that was caused by yoga but it was indeed worth it. How would I sustain this activity? I can picture myself not doing this on a daily basis because there are days that I'd stay at my boyfriend's place to spend time with him so those days are considered to be as rest days. Since yoga is a gentle activity, I'd treat myself with the gentleness it deserves and count the days that I'd able to do it until I can reap the fruits of this journey. 

We'll learn more of this journey as time passes by but for now, let my excitement of doing something new for my mind and body be the start of a slow and conscious living. If not, at least, I tried. 

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