check-in no. 2

check-in no. 2 | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

The blogging streak stopped since my supervisor and I moved to another new office and somehow, it was a mixed emotion of 'I should go back to blogging asap' and 'A little break won't hurt.' However, it hurt. I felt lost again. I felt that I was consuming too much and creating too little in this world so to make things easy, here I am, updating you on the easiest thing that I can come up with a discussion - my life. 

check-in no. 2 | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

23rd monthsary

Da and I celebrated our 23rd monthsary last Saturday and next month, it'll be our second anniversary. As cliche as it may sound, but it is true, time flies so fast. When I think of our relationship back then on how it turned out from being friends to its current state, a lot has happened within a short period of time. We grew as individuals and as a couple throughout the relationship. I'm grateful for how blessed I am to be in a healthy relationship with this loving and caring guy. I am inspired to be a better person each day, not only for the benefit of myself but also for the benefit of our relationship. 


I joined the ko-fi community. I already knew about this when I was in high school still blogging on Tumblr but I wasn't interested in it. However, last Saturday, I thought maybe I should try this. So I signed up and shared my link with the public, and set up a goal. After less than an hour, I was surprised to receive a donation from a generous stranger with a note below. 

check-in no. 2 | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

I couldn't believe it but someone sent me an unexpected amount to have a new laptop. It makes me happy that someone out there believes in my potential for something that I truly love doing. 

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check-in no. 2 | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

a new journal

I received a journal from my former manager and it was and still is one of the best gifts I've received. After years of keeping it in a cabinet, I already decided what to write on it. I used it as a journal for my manifestations and short journal prompts. I get the journal prompts from Instagram and Pinterest. This is my way to take care of myself - to actually give time to sit down and reflect on life especially when I can't do any meditation. 

adulting is difficult. 

Adulting is such a bittersweet experience. It's sweet that I can already do the things I want to do without the need of my mom's help like I can already afford the basic necessities and sometimes, I get to spoil myself with things that I used to dream of. I can already afford stuff that an adult needs like life insurance, investments, and multiple savings accounts that serve different purposes. I am grateful for the growth I've come in my career like Excel has become an essential tool in my life that I'm still using even if it's not already work-related. However, I still have a long way to go. With all the moving from one office to another in the same company and to be with different colleagues, it was such a sweet walk in the park of realizing that I feel good to have come this far. I felt that I was contributing value to the company.

Today is payday and I was surprised by the amount that I have to pay for the electric bill. Ugh, this is one of the reasons why I hate summer here in the Philippines. It makes the situation hotter when I can't wear whatever I want to wear to make things a little bit comfortable in this heat at work. One of my dreams is to work in a company that would allow wearing whatever the employees want to wear. This is truly possible if I'm working from home or working freelance but it's neither. Anyway, it's payday and it's not great living from paycheck to paycheck but I have to look at the positive that I can pay the bills, eating healthy, drinking brewed coffee, and living a good life. 

I had this note posted on the side of my office computer and it says, "Remember, as long as you have a roof over your head, food in your belly, and your bills are consistently paid, you're not missing out on anything." With that, I am comforted. 

being a writer

I reread this blog post I made almost three years ago and it made me cry. It makes me happy how someone out there believes in you without a doubt. It's life-changing. 

How's your life lately?

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