consuming too much, creating too little

consuming too much, creating too little | Indie Spirit by Augustin Ra

Since moving to another new office, it has been difficult to insert actual time to blog. The noise and hustle of working in a workshop are quite different compared to just an office where silence is somehow deafening. The blogging streak stopped. I lost touch of what to say and how to even come up with a decent blog post despite the possibility of making one at my boyfriend's place. 

So when the creating streak stopped, I also lost the urge to create content offline like writing my thoughts in a journal. For the past few weeks, I was busy consuming too much content from the online world. I'd take walks or do household chores while listening to podcasts. I'd fold clothes while watching Youtube videos I downloaded for offline watching. I'd visit blogs and read a post or two. I'd pin a lot of pictures on every board I have on Pinterest to manifest the life that I want without doing the necessary steps to achieve it. You may say that I was in a rotting phase but the other night, I treated myself with kindness and permitted myself to take things slowly. 

I didn't let myself be in a hurry to tick every possible thing that I can do within that night. When I arrived home from work, I ate a little healthy snack and took a walk while listening to a podcast. I usually listen to podcasts that are an hour long or a minimum of 30 minutes for every walk and when that happens, time flies so fast that I already earned more than a thousand steps that my body will thank me for. 

Every time I'd see journal prompts that are easy to do online, I'd save it on my phone and let the day went by but that night was different. I actually did some after writing my thoughts on work, things that stress the hell out of me, and whatever thought would come out. The journal prompt that I did that night was written in a notebook that my former manager gave me. It was Lang Leav's journal edition and it was a perfect thing to write on for a good start on a plan to actually sustain a journaling habit. So yeah, I keep two journals now. One huge pink hardbound journal in which I write anything and Lang Leav's notebook that I'm planning to write journal prompts inspired from the internet or maybe anything that fancies me to write about as long as I can carry it with me everywhere I go. 

A plan I thought about for my go, grow and glow journey is to develop habits that will make me feel good with my physical appearance regardless of the rolls or muscles but the mental aspect plays along with it. I don't want to exercise for vanity but for sanity and with this, journaling is also a form of mental exercise. To actually sit down and reflect on the day feels such a huge chore nowadays but it's also a treat which I did on the night I kept on mentioning here. 

One prompt I tried was to reflect on last month, April. I only wrote two but it felt so major in a way that writing two reflections was enough. 

  1. My definition of success is to live life peacefully. I don't have to be super rich but be financially stable to support my dream lifestyle. I am content with my relationship with others and myself. A life that will give me freedom and security that if something bad happens, it's just a bad day, not a bad life. 
  2. To feel and discover a path that there's something bigger than me. This something can be the Universe or God or whatever people call this energy but this is an essential something to depend on in life in order to move forward. 

Obviously, I am vomiting words here but I hope my reflections were able to suffice whatever I want to convey because I've been creating too little these days. 

  • What were your last month's reflections? 
  • What would you say about mine? 
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