let it be

letting it be | muni muni by Augustin Ra

I am fueled with the sudden urge to write and it's a good feeling. There is a lot that happened lately so here it goes!

letting it be | muni muni by Augustin Ra

new office (again)

Yes, I moved back to the previous office because of safety protocols against the virus. Am I sad about this move? A little bit because it's inconvenient to go back and forth from one building to another to do tasks but when I was packing my stuff for the move and already settled again today, I felt relieved and okay with this ordeal. 

There was a time during the weekend that I felt so invaluable that I had to move again. The office where I work from the other building was convenient for export tasks but now, I just had to adjust my life all over again. I just had to look at the bright side that I am in a newly renovated office with good lighting and air condition. I am enclosed with a partition as a safety barrier against the virus. Although, it's still incomplete. It's quiet compared to working in a workshop which is a good thing in some cases. I have music and podcasts to depend on if I'm sleepy. 

With this move came the opportunity to declutter some stuff and yes, I was able to get rid of a few of them. Some went to the trash, some went to a colleague, and some were arranged properly inside my personal drawer. 

struggled with being organized

I've always believed in every item has a home and that's why organizing has been one of my habits. I think it has a huge connection with the way I live. If my environment is a mess, my life will surely be a mess. My mind would be in a mess. Throughout my minimalist journey, I realized that the problem is I own too much stuff. Although some people would say that I only own less but sometimes, less can be overwhelming because this less can already be something of a clutter. For example, I used to own three pen holders in college and when I started working, I used one, and years later, gave this pen holder to a colleague. Right now, I'm using the second pen holder. In total, I only have this particular pen holder in my office that I think totally serves my need. What about the last pen holder? My cousin is using it. 

new blog name

From Indie Spirit, I changed it to muni muni. Muni muni means to reflect in Tagalog. I felt Indie Spirit has outgrown me and I'm no longer the person I used to be. I mean I'm still independent in so many ways and as an adult, we expect to be but I was no longer the college me that goes around hustling the majority of her time to further the distance. It seems like I am a loser but in some ways, I'm winning in a path that I took to slow down. I don't want to glorify busyness and the hustle culture that much to a point that it could be so toxic and hurt myself and other people to probably gain an empty void in the end. What, exactly, am I racing toward? 

I might say this now because I don't have that much to hustle in life, but I prefer to have a life that feels good rather than just settling for how it looks. It took me months to finally switched to a new blog name and it was difficult to let go especially I'm not good at coming up with names. Indie Spirit was sort of a trademark but the triggering point of the change was when a life coach asked me the meaning behind the former blog name. After a few replies and reflection, it was time. Muni muni sounds good and the meaning behind revolves around the fact that I blog to reflect. Thus, I need to do some changes to the blog.  

letting it be | muni muni by Augustin Ra

maybe a new domain

I might go back to my former domain which was augustinra.com or maybe not. I still have time to think about this. Let me know your thoughts. 

online selling

This has been disturbing me for quite some time already and with the plans that I picture myself, I need to declutter a lot of my stuff and sell it online. I tried to open a shop in Shopee but I need to have a weighing scale to fill out the form on how heavy the items are and I guess this will depend on how much the shipping fee will cost. I don't want to spend money on a weighing scale so I'm still looking for someone that could let me borrow one in this pandemic. Do you have any tips for me?

the nerve

I was blog hopping one time and I noticed someone in the comments. It surprised me that she'd drop comments on one blog to another to maybe show her support to these people in the blogosphere. We've known each other for years but I never experienced the same support from her despite the countless ways I showed mine. In a way, I wasn't expecting her to be so supportive all throughout because we're all busy with our lives so I went on, read another blog or two, and I thought to check on her. That's when I noticed she made a new account from somewhere and I never felt so betrayed and cold that she copied the thoughts I had on the same platform. She had the nerve to paraphrase what's mine to gain something or probably nothing. I had doubts about whether she was good to me in the first place. 

Despite the ocean of mess, confusion, and doubts encountered, I am still grateful that I am alive to live and let some things be. I've learned throughout the years to not force things out of my control. There are situations worth fighting for but there are some that aren't worth the attention. I don't have many friends and trust only a few people but it's okay. At least, I have people to fully count on. With this experience, it was a relief to filter out people from my life. 

letting it be | muni muni by Augustin Ra

as a takeaway

It's been more than a year since the pandemic happened and a lot has changed in our lives. We're not out of the woods yet and living in the Philippines feels so hopeless but I am doing little things to survive a day and do it all over again. I am slowly changing and developing habits and spice up my surroundings to feel a sense of calm. How about you? What have you been up to these days? 

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