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Indie Spirit has come to its end. I've mentioned in my previous post that I changed my blog name after years of being known as Indie Spirit. As years passed by, I've outgrown it and I can say that I've changed big time. I've changed how I look, how I talk and engage a conversation with people, and even my personality despite still being an INTJ if that makes sense. However, the sure thing that hasn't changed was my love for writing especially my realizations and experiences in life. Thus, muni muni was born. 

In Tagalog, it means to reflect and I do that from time to time. Elise, the blogger behind Into Solarium told me via comment that the new blog name feels more me. I'm glad about this new change. I also mentioned that I wanted to change my domain to the old one which was but she thought that I'd go for instead. I thought of the same thing and even checked its availability but it was already taken. Do you have any domain ideas that would revolve around the blog's name? I already have a few in mind but I'd love to hear from you. 

Along with this change on the blog is the birth of a new podcast channel entitled muni muni. I've always dreamt of being a podcaster but the fear of public speaking and the lack of talent for editing audio clips hindered me to achieve this. My friends would push me to go for it and sometimes, there'd be discussions with my boyfriend and friends that I wished I was able to record it because it was podcast worthy, and yet, at the end of the day, I won't even dare to do step one. 

But all of that changed when I finally decided to start a channel and on that same day, my boyfriend surprised me with a microphone studio kit. The experience was way different from the afternoons and nights that I'd record myself talking about random stuff just using my earphones. Although, I am aware that having an essential tool doesn't necessarily mean that I will have a successful podcast right away. Sad to say, my first episode's audio sucks big time but it's okay because, on the bright side, I started and published it which is something to be happy about. There will always be room for improvement and even after hours of publishing the episode, I asked for some feedback from my listeners, took the time to read some articles that would help me how to improve the channel, and listened to podcasts that would help me with my dilemma. 

The podcast is available on five platforms. You can listen on Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, and Spotify. Happy listening! 

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